Dirty Water

CSG's experience in the dirty water sector is second to none. Whether you need cost-effective products to deal with general waste or, a more complex solution to manage hazardous material in the process of producing energy from waste, we have the products and, most importantly, the expertise to provide solutions that fit your exact requirements.


Wastewater was where our business began

CSG has a long history of supplying products and services to the wastewater sector, as this was where the business first began. From supplying merchants with products to handle general waste, our range has grown significantly - as has our expertise - as we now work with end-users, contractors and consultants to deliver solutions into the demanding Energy From Waste sector.

Energy From Waste

High Specification Products for Harsh Operating Environments

CSG can now provide you with a comprehensive valve package suitable for use with advanced digestion systems and aeration schemes.

Due to the risk of contaminants from imported waste and the higher operating temperatures needed to control harmful bacteria, our product range has been developed to accommodate these arduous applications and to provide greater choice and a higher spec.

Safe and Effective

Solutions that work and keep on working

Our in-house team will work with you to provide a solution that is suitable for dealing with harsh and often aggressive media in a safe and effective manner.